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Our Services

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Web & Interactive Design

The most impressive websites and app experiences are rooted in smart design, embody clear vision, and are backed by the right technology.

Branding & Strategy

How do your customers see you? How do you see yourself? We’re experts in deftly focusing, aligning and advancing those perceptions.

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Best-in-class digital projects require technology that perfectly supports the design. We rely on the right tools for the job, not a one-size-fits-all tech stack.

Your Team Plus One

For bigger projects ODC can augment your current team, working more closely with you on a daily basis.

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Working with Us

Teamwork as an artform.

One Design Company is an experienced and passionate group of designers, developers, project managers, writers and artists. Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. Together we face the challenges and celebrate the victories.

Honestly open.

Transparent Communication

We keep the lines of communication wide open and reciprocal. You’ll be informed and empowered from inception to project review and beyond. We think that’s key to a happy, productive relationship and to the best results.

World's best guide.

Your Project Manager

Every project with One Design is assigned a dedicated project manager. Your project manager is your direct line to One Design, ensuring that you always know what’s going on, what’s next, and what we need from you. An expert in putting out fires (and lighting fires under people, occasionally).

A thriving partner ecosystem.

Built to Expand

Every project has its own unique goals and vision. Whatever your project demands, our extended network of strategists, creatives and technology specialists is always eager to pitch in. We know it helps to know good people.

Our Team

One team, many talents.

With a culture of collaboration, a roster of talent, and several office pooches, the One Design Company team is active in the creative community, endlessly interested in what’s next, and generally pleasant to be around.

Patrick Griffin

Founding Partner

A serial entrepreneur with a focus on sales and operations, Pat co-founded One Design Company in 2005. As co-owner/operator of The Coop, Chicago’s first dedicated coworking space, Pat oversaw the programming and expansion prior to being acquired by NextSpace Coworking & Innovation Inc.. Pat is also co-founder of Desktime, a software designed and built to manage and book-shared workspaces on demand.

David Sieren

Design Director

Colleen Carroll

Director of People, Process, and Culture

Colleen comes to One Design with ten years of experience leading HR practices and a former life as a web developer and painter. This experience, combined with her passion for coaching and career development, enables her to lead as Director of People, Process, and Culture in a thoughtful and empathetic way. Colleen’s focus is on nurturing and scaling the unique and genuine culture of the team in alignment with the company’s values, goals, and objectives.

Brad Nowak

Director of Project Management

Brad brings more than twelve years experience working with people, technology and design to help businesses and organizations achieve and sustain success. As a Project Manager with One Design, he works hard to unite our internal teams and client teams and partners towards a common project vision and goal. He believes in building and fostering an environment where communication is open, perspectives are respected, and collaboration is paramount.

Sam Rosen

Founding Partner

Sam has established a reputation as a successful entrepreneur and well-respected voice in the design community. Sam founded One Design to build a digital agency committed to high-quality web design & development, interaction design, and user-interface design. Formally trained as a designer, he works to connect great people with the goal of making meaningful work and hopefully making the world a better place along the way. Sam started The Coop and the coworking network Desktime with Pat Griffin. He’s also a brother at The Post Family, an art and design collaborative and gallery.

Noah Bernsohn


Noah has spent the last six years building websites and applications for partners ranging from Fortune 20 companies to mom-and-pop toy stores. A self-taught web developer, he’s helped build One Design into a well-respected, well-run company. His work requires collaboration with the entire team as he considers what’s possible on the web and how to accomplish that with the talents of the designers, developers, strategists, and writers on a project.

Henock Beyen

Executive, Relationships

Henock is One Design’s Director of Business Development. In that role, he focuses on overall growth and efficiency of the company while working under a mantra of serving clients well. With a background in finance, management consulting, and account management, Henock works to ensure clients’ best interests are at the forefront of a project’s goals.

Brian Hanson

Senior Front-End Engineer

Brian is a designer and front-end developer working to bridge the space between graphic design and front-end development. As a designer at One Design, Brian’s focuses on making something that is easy for someone else to use and is designed in a simple and elegant way.

Kyle Meyer

Senior Designer

Kyle is a designer concerned with distilling the complex into simple, elegant, strategically-minded solutions. At One Design Company, he breaks down the barriers between form and function to ensure our client’s brands are as emotionally potent as they are logically grounded. “Keep it simple, stupid” is his mantra, as equally applicable to life as it is to his work.

James Johnston

Senior Project Manager

James brings together the diverse talents of small teams to produce great work. When he's not here at ODC, he's playing with his daughter Lillian or playing in one of several bands.

Stacey Shintani

Senior Project Manager

Stacey ? organization, collaboration, and whiteboard markers, which makes her a natural project manager. She combines great communication skills with empathy for her teams, clients, and end users. Between her training in journalism, painting, and photography and more than 15 years of web design experience, she brings curiosity, creativity, and flexibility to her projects—along with a keen focus on shared goals.

Molly Wells

Front-End Developer

Molly is a front-end developer with a background in branding and design. Intrigued by the delicate balance between function and beauty, she takes pride in delivering web experiences that are both intuitive and engaging.

Michelle Dosen

Studio Manager

Michael is a web developer with a passion for creative problem solving. With a background in physics and math, Michael enjoys working with data to design elegant and efficient systems. When not at work, he can be found rollerblading on the 606.

Billy Schrero

Business Development Manager

Billy is One Design’s Business Development Manager. He focuses on helping potential clients navigate the many services One Design offers and the overall efficiency of the company. With a background in healthcare technology, startups, and account management, Billy oversees new business at One Design and works to ensure clients are engaged and supported.

Becky Sanders

Design Lead

Becky spearheads design research at One Design, developing both visually stunning and strategic brand and interactive work. She brings seven years of digital design experience with an empathetic approach to understanding users and the world around us.

Mike McMillan

Senior Interactive Designer

?Mike is a designer and front-end developer. He likes to focus on interactivity and emerging technology to create unique web experiences.

Bianca Smith


Bianca is a copywriter who marries personal anecdotes and colorful language to communicate compelling brand messages. As a trained journalist and editor, she is passionate about the entire scope of the creative process—from pitching a story idea through to creating a piece's social media posts, she is invested in all facets of the projects she's a part of.

Michael Mesker

Senior Designer, Client Lead

Michael is a designer and illustrator. With a background in publication design, he’s grown to specialize in creating systems for screens of all sizes. Over the last few years, he has worked closely with researchers, engineers and client teams on large scale redesigns for places like Google Fiber, University of Michigan, and Trunk Club.

Stacey Donaldson

Senior Designer

Stacey is a designer with a passion for creating solutions that are both beautiful and meaningful. Successful design to her means solving problems, enabling better understanding, and creating emotionally engaging outcomes.

Andy Miller

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Andy delights in building strong relationships with partners and fostering collaboration and alignment on cross functional teams. Andy leverages her background in marketing, business strategy, startup and nonprofit management to establish sustainable solutions to a wide variety of partner’s business challenges.

Aimee Lehto

Design Lead – Copywriting & Strategy

Aimee brings a breadth of writing and strategy experience to the One Design team. With a background in copywriting, her work also includes branding, user strategy, content strategy, UX writing, design thinking, and research. Put that all together and you get someone who enjoys discovering the big truths that lead to great brands and products, intuitive user experiences, and inspiring and effective campaigns and communications wherever they live.

Erick Morales

Junior Designer

Erick is a designer with a love for experimentation. Typography and illustration are his greatest passions. His focus at One Design is to create memorable, beautiful solutions for tough problems, and to learn something new every single day.

Katie Mazikins

Senior Designer

Katie is a graphic designer and illustrator; she’s worked with companies big and small to create beautiful solutions to real problems. At One Design, she combines her background in user experience, design research and branding to create impactful design work that puts the user first.

Nora Dyer

Senior Strategist, Copywriter

As a Senior Strategist / Copywriter, Nora finds the best words and then uses them wisely. With years of traditional and digital advertising experience in both B2C and B2B under her belt, she’s got branding down to an art form. She is passionate about collaborating with clients to help them find a voice that is true to who they are. And then helping them live by it.

Alyssa Low

Design Lead, Product

Alyssa is a multifaceted designer whose goal is to create thoughtful and meaningful experiences within the product space. She blends her background in branding, strategy, interaction design and UX to ensure visual harmony and accessibility are in all the products that she designs.

Chris Lusk

Front-End Developer

Chris is a front-end developer with a background in journalism and design. He's focused on building products that are meaningful and simple to use. His guiding principle is: "How does this help the user?"

Nick Rissmeyer

Junior Designer

Nick is a passionate designer with a focus on all aspects of visual identity design. He enjoys finding simple solutions to immersive projects and the ever changing nature of client facing design work as well as many other avenues of artistic and creative expression from music to furniture.

Ted Flynn

Senior Front-End Engineer

Ted is a front-end developer with more than 15 years of experience building web applications. Focusing on modular and scalable front-end architecture, he has led the front-end development of large-scale rebranding and redesign efforts for clients such as Kohler, The Poetry Foundation, and Purina. With a prior background in music and academia, Ted enjoys the challenge of trying to balance aesthetics, usability, and inclusivity in the development of interfaces for the web.

Caitlin Stankus

Project Manager

A dedicated project manager and strategic thinker, Caitlin helps bring to life what clients envision. She enjoys instilling confidence—while calming the stresses within a project—as she identifies the best path to achieve the project goals and beyond.

Amber Vasquez

Senior Strategist, Client Lead

Amber is a senior strategist working to better understand how the nexus of design, platforms, and products can serve users and ultimately deliver business value. She brings workshops, client engagement in the design process, and business acumen to the table at One Design. You can hear her constantly talking about diversity and inclusion in design to anyone who will listen.

Careers at One Design Company

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It takes top-notch people to produce industry-leading work. If you’re a smart, ambitious person with that can-do spirit, a penchant for working with awesome people, and chock full of talent, we should talk. Apply Here